WIDER EUROPE acts as a facilitator, working with state and non-state actors on a pro-active and holistic basis. It supports policy-making and the preparation of national legislation within an EU accession environment for pre-candidate and candidate countries, as well as for European Neighbourhood states that do not (as yet) have a European accession perspective. Policy simulations can help to build capacity in these countries, (particularly related to Chapter 11 (Agriculture) and Chapter 27 (Environment) of the acquis communautaire), alongside use of budget support under sector reform contracts. Such activities complement WIDER EUROPE's coaching, mentoring, facilitation, demonstration and knowledge transfer skills, in order to build technical capacity at central and decentralised levels.


Two typical examples of policy simulations related to EU accession are given below:

  1. creating a scenario whereby the European Commission rejects as unworkable a proposed Agriculture and Rural Development Plan for 2016-20 in the light of a worsening of the domestic macroeconomic environment, and the need for the government to re-prioritise agriculture measures in the light of reduced public expenditure projections; and
  2. developing a financial and employment scenario of the consequences of farmers failing to meet legally binding agri-environmental standards by a target date that has been set for concluding EU accession negotiations.

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