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Written in any European language, books can be factual, fictional or factional. They can cover any aspect of life today - politics, power, passion, crime, spying, domestic life...whatever. Writers are limited to a synopsis of one paragraph.

Band Substance is the first book to be listed by WIDER EUROPE. It is also available in French as La Ballade des Stups.

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Band Substance

Drugs from South East Asia are being sent to Europe via Benin in West Africa. Money derived from this trade is being laundered through Beirut. The key African dealer in the drug distribution business is taking more than his agreed share of the profits. The Lebanese do not like it. They decide to teach him a lesson by hiring a female assassin to kill his brother, a senior diplomat at the Embassy of Benin in Paris. They plan to murder him in a small village in the South of France which they know he will visit during its annual fete where his nephew will be playing in a jazz band. Nico Hoxton, who works for MI6, lives in the same village. He is asked by his minder in London to help Catherine de Bregancon, a beautiful member of France’s security service, to prevent the murder from taking place. The relationships between the various characters develop in surprising ways.

Written by Ross Bull, the book draws on his extensive experience of working in developing countries where the good are often mixed with the bad. The book is the first in The Canonbury Lane Triptych.

Band Substance is available in English through Amazon. It has also been translated into French as La Ballade des Stups.