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Whist we at WIDER EUROPE wanted Britain to remain in the EU, and play a leading, positive role in making the EU more competitive in tomorrow's global market, including the creation of an EU/USA trade alliance that would cover half the world's economic output and more than a third of all trade flows, this was not to be. We wait to see what will emerge from the British decision to leave the EU.

Despite the continuously changing dynamics of the European Union, we want the EU to:

  • be enlarged further by admitting as member states Turkey, the Balkan countries, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Moldova, once they have met the accession criteria;
  • interact fully with its European neighbourhood, (the Middle East and North Africa, as well as Russia and countries where it has strong influence), which, with a population approaching 1 billion, a major youth bulge and a substantial combined GDP, is a key player that faces major challenges; and
  • engage more with young people so they can help determine future European policies and actions that both reflect important global issues and take account of key stakeholders.

Ross Bull



Whilst WIDER EUROPE is for everybody, a major target audience is today's young people who live within the European Neighbourhood - its future citizens, voters, parents, employers, employees, media, politicians and members of civil society. Their capacity to social network, (for example, through movements.org and the Oslo Freedom Forum), allows them to (a) stage-manage and coordinate current political protests (via Facebook, Twitter and Youtube), (b) use multiple information sources to act as citizen journalists, (c) increase social interaction and accountability, as well as (d) develop Wider Europe's emerging civil society. There is now "power diffusion" by non-state actors who increasingly do what the state used to do. Read more…Show less…

A necessary condition for Wider European society to work properly is that its people have easy access to available information. But it is sometimes difficult for non-specialists to know where to look first. WIDER EUROPE provides links to useful websites relevant to the current debate about (a) further EU Enlargement, (b) European Neighbourhood Policy (including the May 2011 neighbourhood policy update), and (c) Britain's role in tomorrow's EU.

The websites refer to changing economic, social, environmental and geo-political ideas that are being developed in the public, private and third sectors, as well as by the fourth estate. If you are interested in these areas, whether as an individual, journalist, photographer, analyst, video/photo-reporter, activist or musician, or as a result of working for an environmental pressure group, trade union, faith-based organization, national democracy movement, CSO/NGO, think tank/lobby group, university, multilateral/bilateral donor, media-based organisation, the private sector, government department or whatever, then WIDER EUROPE is for you.

A radio station for all people, WIDER EUROPE plays music 52/24/7. It accesses a live news stream in English from Al Jazeera (click on its Play button). For those who want to set up an internet radio station with which to encourage new ideas and disseminate local information, please contact WIDER EUROPE and find out how to get started.

Finally, WIDER EUROPE supports people globally, particularly in the Ukraine and other parts of the European Neighbourhood, as well as the Middle East and North Africa, who are seeking to overcome repression, eliminate fear, achieve freedom, establish democracies and apply good governance.


WIDER EUROPE encourages transition in the European Neighbourhood, working with civil society to implement small-scale, start-up projects. These may address economic, social, environmental or geo-political issues, involving participants from the public, private and third sectors, as well as the fourth estate. Major beneficiaries are today's young people who live within the European Neighbourhood - its future citizens, voters, parents, employers, employees, media and politicians.

WIDER EUROPE currently cooperates with three NGOs: European Initiative (UK), New Link With Europe (Kosovo) and European Initiative (Montenegro). Together, they work closely with young people, community leaders, businesses, NGOs and the media, as well as central and local governments, to:

  1. create sustainable livelihoods through urban and rural community renewal and regeneration;
  2. help citizens to apply the principles of area-based community-driven development using output-based budgeting;
  3. assist local communities to create SMEs and encourage social entrepreneurship with which to establish non-state employment opportunities;
  4. promote cross-border cooperation, particularly in conflict and post-conflict affected areas; and
  5. improve local governance as a way of assisting ordinary people to achieve their basic human rights.

These three organisations are actively looking to cooperate with similar NGOs and local/international CSO networks in Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Cyprus and Turkey, as well as in the EU and elsewhere in the European neighbourhood.

For further information, please contact Ross Bull (rossbull@widereurope.eu), or Nusrete Doda in Kosovo (nusrete_doda@yahoo.com), or Vladimir Laban in Montenegro (vlado.laban@gmail.com).


WIDER EUROPE is looking to work with interns living in the different countries of the European Neighbourhood.

Working on a remote access basis, interns will be young professionals and students who are interested in economic, social, environmental, geo-political or media issues relevant to the European Neighbourhood.

For more details about how to work with WIDER EUROPE, please contact Ross Bull (rossbull@widereurope.eu).